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About us

Holy Child High School works at forming a community composed of students, teachers, parents, management and other staff. This community:

  • Seeks to live by values that bring out the best in every individual
  • Recognises the dignity of each individual
  • Works for peace and justice
  • Seeks to create an atmosphere of care and concern in which the students can grow sensibly and maturely

Appropriately covered by NOC from state of Haryana as also the recommendation from the Indian Embassy on 16th May, 1983, the school is affiliated to the Board since 1984 upto the year March 2019. In addition, the school is registered lifetime, under the Societies Act 1956, as “Holy Child School Society”,  Sector 13, Kurukshetra, Haryana.

School Mission

Our MISSION is to nurture healthy, competent, happy children and help them blossom into sensitive, compassionate and successful adults who can give up petty personal concerns in the interest of the human race. The school provides education to the students with the aim that the children develop a holistic comprehension of the world in which they live.

 Our Commitment

Holy Child High School is committed to:

  • Providing opportunities for growth through a balanced schedule of daily activities
  • Preparing the student for his vocational role in life
  • Respecting the dignity of the student with his/her tradition and beliefs, valuing the potential of each and encouraging the support to the slightly weaker sections of society
  • Enabling the student to develop a healthy self-image and to form positive relationship with others
  • Encouraging, in the student, a sense of creativity and collaboration with others

Our History

On the 8th of September, 1975, Holy Child School was established in the land of historical and religious importance, Kurukshetra.
The idea was conceptualised by the current President, Mrs. R. Khan. When her husband Late Shri S. A. Khan, an IPS officer of Haryana Cadre was posted here and she felt that since Kurukshetra was a place of such religious significance, all the children were holy, just like the city they came from.

When her own children came to the holy city of Kurukshetra, she realised the importance of good education and the importance of English language. It was only then that she decided to open the 1st English Medium school in Kurukshetra.

After nearly 40 years of its establishment it has been a beautiful and humbling experience.